Fired Up to Help is a non-profit BBQ company in Northern Virginia. Fired Up was setup to help first responders and other volunteers in case of a disaster in the area. They can also help with other charity events.


I attended an event last month at Fair Winds Brewery in Lorton where Fired Up was serving their BBQ. I had an opportunity to meet owner/bbq'er Sean Kirgan. It gave me a couple minutes between chopping ribs and brisket and checking on what he had in the smoker. Sean is from Missouri and moved to Northern Virginia. He started Fired Up in 2012 and is part of Operation BBQ Relief which is a non-profit organization that responds to disasters to provide hot meals to first responders, volunteers and displaced families. Sean said he provided 12,000 hot meals after Hurricane Sandy came through. He primarily does fund raising events, they recently helped out with the Rob Jones Journey at Lake Anna where he provided breakfast, lunch and dinner for the runners. Sean said he likes to do these kind of events because it lets him branch out from the typical BBQ fare.


As far as the food goes, it was fantastic. I had some pulled pork, ribs, brisket, smoked vegetables and the mac and cheese. The ribs had the perfect bite, the brisket was as tender as it gets. I had my son with me who is a picky eater but loves BBQ. He also favors Kraft Mac and Cheese over any homemade version, but he really liked the mac and cheese, which to me means a lot. He also really enjoyed the pulled pork. Everything I ate was really good and went really well with IPA from Fair Winds that I was drinking.


If you have the chance to try Fired Up to Help I suggest you do it. I hope it's not after a disaster though.


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And their Twitter- @FiredUptoHelp