• Josh

Leaving Las Vegas

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well I don't have anything to hide. I had the opportunity to go to Vegas because my wife had to travel for work and for a conference, so I decided I was going tag along. We stayed off the strip at the Gold Coast because that's where the conference was. Definitely not my first choice, but they had a bus to the strip and you could get an Uber within like 2 mins no matter where you were. I didn't have a whole lot of time, we were only there for two and half days. I was able to find two BBQ places and sample some of the local beer and of course I hit up one of the celebrity chefs restaurants on the strip.

The first place recommended to me was Jessie Rae's BBQ. This was about a ten minute ride off the strip. The location was in a small retail strip and I will call it very cozy. They are only about 8 tables or so in the restaurant and they were very close together. It's a very non formal place, you walk up to the small counter, place your order and hopefully get a seat or your sitting on the curb eating waiting for your Uber. I was able to secure a table, luckily. They have your typical menu of brisket, pork and a host of sides. I decided I was in the mood for brisket tacos.

The brisket was extremely tender and the cole slaw wasn't overly messy. They were really filled well and I was stuffed. After lunch we Ubered our way back to the strip and found ourselves inside the Venetian Casino and sitting at their Sin City Brewing location. Sin City opened in 2005 and has four locations in Vegas, 3 in casinos and their biggest location right on the strip. They pride themselves on the traditional German purity laws and its shows in their beers.

I sampled their Weisse is Nice first, it was a golden traditional Hefeweizen, it had the aroma of cloves and had citrus undertones. It was only 4.5 % ABV and very low hop profile. Next up was their Say Hello to Amber, which is described as a full bodied Octoberfest, but definitely drinks and tastes more like a lager. When I think Octoberfest I think more a marzen to get the bready mouth feel. This was very smooth and malt forward. The ABV was 5.7% so I was increasing the alcohol content as I tried more. Lastly I tried their Seasonal Double IPA(top left). This was not a NEIPA by any means, crystal clear, very hop forward and not overly bitter on the back end, the bartender didn't know much about it and I couldn't find any information on the hop profile, but it was 8.5% ABV and 70 IBUS which is not out of my enjoyment spectrum. This is a must try brewery if you are in Vegas.

That evening my wife and I decided to hit the strip for dinner. We ended up at the Venetian where we went to one of Emeril Lagasse's restaurants (We love the one in Orlando) Delmonico Steakhouse. This was probably one of the best meals at a restaurant I have ever had. I started off with a huge piece of bacon/pork belly that was glazed with Abita root beer and served with pickled watermelon. The meat was cooked perfectly, crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside, the fat rendered perfectly. I could eat it everyday.

Apple Cured Kurobuta Bone-In Bacon

My wife started off with lobster bisque, I am not a big fan of lobster bisque, but she said it was the best she had ever had with a large almost full lobster tail. For dinner she had one of the best Filet Migons I have ever had. Perfectly cooked and seasoned.

For dinner though I believe I had reached the acme of my culinary experiences. I ordered the Wagyu Ribeye. It was the best thing I have ever eaten. The ribeye was literally like butter. It melted in your mouth. The flavor was nothing I had experienced and there is no way to really describe it. It was just amazing, I mean I think I had some sides but I don't remember.

Like I said this was one of the best dining experiences I have ever had and would recommend to anyone. I can't wait to go back.

The last day I was there I went to Rick's Rollin Smoke BBQ, which is owned by the Pawn Star's Rick Harrison and is directly across from the the pawn shop. It's way off the strip more in the City of Las Vegas. It was about a 10-15 minute ride off the strip. You have to love Uber. I decided to go big before I left Vegas and ordered a big platter of BBQ.

I ordered a beef rib and the brisket burnt ends along with there mac and cheese. This was the best beef rib I have had to date. All the meat was just as tender as it could be with a nice subtle smokeyness. The mac and cheese was done correctly by using elbow macaroni and also had a nice smokeyness to it.

This being my first time to Vegas I was very pleased. It really isn't how tv or movies portray it. It's a lot of tourists and normal friendly people. I didn't see an celebrities(unfortunately) and I didn't see super pretty people everywhere(I probably just didn't go at the right times or places). I also didn't do much gambling, but what I did do, I lost, it happens. I would love to go back just to try all the restaurants that I didn't get a chance to go to. There are so many celebrity chef restaurants it would take a month to eat a them all. On a side note, I did go to an In and Out Burger around midnight pretty hammered and I think I thought it was the best burger I've ever had too. Never had one sober so I don't know if that's true or not.

I will have another post after this recapping the dozen or so BBQ places back home that I have been to since and before my Vegas trip. Also if you don't already know I have started my BBQ catering services. Be sure to check out the link to get a hold of us for your next event and where we might be popping up next.

Until then Drink Up and Eat Well!