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Stable Craft Brewing-Cavallo

This Saturday is Stable Craft Brewing's special release of the limited edition of their first barrel aged stout, Cavallo. "Cavallo was aged for one year in rye whiskey barrels made of oak and sourced from Catoctin Creek Distilling Co. in Purcellville, Va. Christopher Fann, Stable Craft’s head brewer, first created the recipe and brewed a pilot batch on the brewery’s SABCO system in September 2016, which was about the same time Stable Craft’s relationship with Catoctin Creek began to develop."( You can read more about the story from Stable Craft themselves here).

I have been given the privilege of having a bottle(or two) before the official release on Saturday. I am here to give you a sneak preview. Cavallo is right up my alley, its a wonderfully dark stout with an ABV of 12.5%. The initial nose is the aroma of the boozy oak barrel. The initial flavor profile was that of the rye whiskey with a subtle vanilla flavor. The more I drank, the more I could taste the oakieness(yes I said oakiness) of the barrel. Because of it being aged for a year in the barrels it does not punch you in the face with the burn of alcohol even though its 12.5%. This is definitely one to share. I drank half the bottle and had to call it a night.

On Saturday Stable Craft will be releasing the bottles of the Bold American Imperial Stout(which I have) and a variant of Chocolate Raspberry Imperial Stout(I hope to be able to get one of these put aside for me).

There are going to be a lot of activities for the family on Saturday the 9th, not just the bottle release, there are carriage rides, Christmas sweater contests, pictures with Santa and a lot more. Clink the link for more info on the event. I suggest taking the whole family get a picture with Santa, grab a bottle or two of Cavallo and stay for the tree lighting. It should be a great time.

There are more great events coming up at Stable Craft in next few weeks, including the Beer and Bacon pairing that I will be co-hosting with Jason Baker of Beer, Bacon and More and Head Brewer Chris Fann on January 13th. We have something special planned for that day so be sure to come on out and see me and everyone else. Until then Drink up and Eat well.



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