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Starr Hill- Box of Chocolates

Once again it's stout season. You can tell by all the BCBS posts all over social media. I have decided to stay away from that and support local like I usually do. This time it's Starr Hill's Box of Chocolates stout variants. The Box of Chocolates is part of the All Access Series and is a limited supply release . There are three variants this year based on the Double Bass stout; Peppermint, Chipotle, and Mocha. All are 7.8% ABV and 40 on the SRM scale(number assigned to color of beer more info ).

The Beer

The Double Bass is a double chocolate stout using chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and lactose. It gives it a great chocolate and vanilla aroma accompanied by a nice smooth chocolate flavor. Very well rounded chocolate stout. I could drink this one all year long.

The Peppermint was made with organic peppermint. As I let my beer sit the more pronounced the mint flavor became. The chocolate and the mint paired very well. It was like drinking a cold mint coffee, but alcoholic and in a bottle.

The Chipotle was made with smoked-dried jalapeno peppers. I was a little apprehensive as I am not a fan of hot pepper beers. It did not have the burn I expected. You get the chocolate stout flavor with a nice light burn in chest after. If this is the kind of beer you like, it is very well done and is perfect for the colder weather.

The Mocha was made from locally roasted coffee beans. I found this to be my favorite of all the variants. The nose of the beer has a robust coffee aroma and the coffee flavor of the beer was just as robust. This is the perfect "morning" stout, I mean why not.

I have found with most stouts with variants added, the flavor becomes more pronounced as they get warmer. I found this to be true with all of these. It's a shame that this pack had such a limited release as I would love to have these all winter long. If there is any chance that you can somehow get a hold of one of the variants please do. The Double Bass itself will be available from January to March according the Starr Hill's web page. I suggest trying to find on tap or in bottles if you want a great stout.

I want to take time to wish everyone a happy holiday season and drink responsibly. I will be reviewing a couple more stouts before the holiday to give you an idea for good holiday beers.

Until next time Drink Up and Eat Well!


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