• Josh

Traveling BBQ

There have been a couple lists published lately of Virginia's best BBQ. I don't whole heartedly agree with their choices as being best in VA. So I have decided this summer I'm going visit as many as I can with some friends and make my own top list when I'm done. I'm including food trucks,

brick and mortar along with the occasional random roadside stands. I have been to many BBQ places already, so I'm going to focus on ones I have not been to. I will still include ones I have been to in my decisions. Most of this will be chronicled on Instagram and Facebook. I will post here of a few at a time. I look forward to eating a lot of great BBQ and sharing with my adventure with you. If you have a favorite in mind that you would like me to try just let me know. I will still be visiting breweries along the way too, you always need beer with BBQ.

Until then Drink Up and Eat Well.



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