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Virginia BBQ- Weekly Wrap Up

Another round of BBQ places is in the books. I've hit 5 places in the last 2 weeks, with more to go this week and weekend. I've already had people ask if I'm getting tired of BBQ. My answer is NEVER! I'm just going to keep going until I can determine the best BBQ(my personal opinion of course) in Virginia or I explode!

Carolina Brother BBQ - Ashburn

This Ashburn staple sits on the W O & D trail, serving good old fashioned BBQ to bikers, hikers, runners and everyone in between. Carlolina Bros was opened by Danny Hurdle after working since he was a kid in his dad's bbq restaurant in North Carolina. Danny brought the Carolina bbq flavor to Virginia. Everything about Carolina Bros says Carolina country, from the country store look of the building, the country store feel inside with all the little knick knacks everywhere, to the Carolina pits out front. This is a little piece of North Carolina in Virginia. The food definitely speaks for itself. The big heaping portions of sides, the tender pull apart ribs were slathered in a sweet and tangy bbq sauce, pulled pork sandwiches are piled high on a perfect potato roll. You will get a true bbq experience from a man that has known bbq all his life. If you are traveling through or close to Ashburn be sure to stop by.

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3 B's Bar and Grill - Orange

3 B's is located just south of downtown Orange on Route 15 which is also home to Mountain View BBQ catering and food truck. 3 B's is a full service bar with lots of live music and serves traditional BBQ, ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken. They also have traditional sides, mac and cheese, baked beans, potato salad and much more. 3B's also has some tasty sandwiches like the brisket cheese steak. Slow cooked brisket sliced and thrown on the flap top with provolone cheese and mixed with green peppers and onions. Probably one of the best cheese steak style sandwich besides the original from Philly itself. If you are looking for good BBQ in the Orange area this will be your place.

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Smokey T's Southern Kitchen- Winchester

The building that Smokey T's is in has served the Winchester community for almost 100 years. This neighborhood gathering place was an important fixture to the Valley, offering up a place to grab a bowl of hot soup off the cast ironwood burning stove, ice skate in winter, purchase candy, find out the news, pick up a cured ham or just lounge in the rocking chairs on the porch*. It is now your place to get great BBQ and a multitude of different craft beers with 12 rotating taps and up to 500 bottle/cans of beer. I visited last week and met up with Chef Becky as she was preparing different kinds of bacon and ribs in the smoker and getting ready for the lunch crowd. I ordered a little off menu since they don't really have a meat platter, but I wanted to try a bunch of different meats. Smokey T's is the first BBQ place that offered pastrami and one of the few that serves pork belly. I obviously got both of those along with brisket, the ranchero beans which I'm pretty sure had jalapenos in it, in house pickles and some mac and cheese. The brisket and pastrami were nice and tender had good flavor the pork belly was a good mix of crunchy and chewy. The Mac and Cheese was nice and cheesy although I didn't get much because I had my grandson with me and he ate most of that and the pastrami(he has good taste). The store/restaurant has a nice family vibe, very open and has a small stage for live music the had some activities for kids, like some coloring books and a cool tic tac toe game made from painted rocks and tree stump. If you are looking for a family friendly bbq place that has good bbq and a huge selection of beer then this is your place.

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There a lot more places to get to and I am always looking for suggestions. This Saturday at Center of the Universe Brewing is the 2nd Circle the Wagon BBQ Cook Off. Click here for details if you are interested. I may make way down there to see what's going on.

Until next week Drink Up and Eat Well.

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